Our Council

OSLC Church Council 2022

Christine Weller (President)
Gina Venable (Vice President)
Brandon Tate
Don Blair

Richard Kline

Sean Dalton

Michelle Schafer
Bob Zimmerman

Irene Meyer

Treasurer - Pam Wildenberger
Secretary - Dick Hartman

Church Council is a committee of members elected by the congregation to have general oversight of the life and activities of OSLC, ensuring that our ministry is in accordance with the Word of God and the faith and practice of the ELCA. These leaders of the congregation are responsible for stating the mission of the congregation, do long range planning, seek to involve all members of the congregation in worship, learning, witness, service, and support. Council is also responsible for the business end of the church - including oversight of the property and financial matters of OSLC.

OSLC Executive Committee 2022

President - Christine Weller
Vice President - Gina Venable
Treasurer - Pam Wildenberger
Secretary - Dick Hartman

The officers of this congregation, elected either by council or by the congregation, are the executive committee. The Executive committee meets once per month to discuss matters of the congregation.