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Commercial Kitchen

In 2018, our Commercial Kitchen opened. It is a full commercial-grade kitchen with a gas oven with range and griddle, a convection oven, a three bay sink, dishwasher, commercial-grade utensils and pans, and other commercial-grade small appliances. 

We use the kitchen for our church functions and for Motel Ministry - a ministry that feeds people in Williamsburg living in area motels. 

Our facilities committee is entrusted with the care and the management of the kitchen. Please contact them any questions. 

Using our Commercial Kitchen

Please note: as of 1/31/2023, our commercial kitchen in unavailable for long-term leases - because we are at capacity! We will update this when a spot opens for lease.

Our Commercial Kitchen is available for long-term lease, for events, and for short-term rentals. Please check out and familiarize yourself with the following as you consider using our kitchen.

To use our kitchen

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