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God draws us together in a community.

We do not do faith alone. God draws us together with people in this place - for love and support, especially when times our tough, to challenge us and to strengthen us to become better disciples, to experience the joys of life together. 

We strengthen our community through times of fellowship. After worship, we spend time together in fellowship with one another. And throughout the year, we host various other fellowship events. Time to just have fun as a community together. We do like to have a good time together, after all.


In a time of physical distancing, we still believe fellowship is important. And perhaps even more so. We spend time catching up before and after all of our online activities, and we spend time together in service to the community. 

To get more involved in planning our fellowship events or to propose future events, get in contact with the chair of our Hospitality committee, Janette Kline. Current events can be found in our Newsletter and on our Calendar.

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