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Faith Formation

Faith Formation at OSLC

Faith formation is essential to our life of faith together. In addition to worship and fellowship, education is a key piece of the formation of our faith. With education, we dig deeper into God's Word, God's mission, and God's call. Here, we wrestle with Scripture, with theology, with our current world and what it all means for our faith and for our walk with God and with each other.

If there's a topic that you'd like to explore, reach out to Pastor Alex. She loves incorporating what you are interested in wrestling with into the education ministries of OSLC. She's willing to lead multi-week or single sessions on topics that are on the hearts and minds of our community. 


Faith Formation for Youth/ Children

Faith formation starts at a young age. We strive to offer age appropriate faith formation for all of our kids. And we hope to equip parents to continue faith formation and conversations at home. 

Sunday School is led by Mrs. L at 9am on Sunday mornings. It is geared toward kids in K-4th grade(ish). Mrs. L incorporates the stories of our faith as they sing songs, play games, and do crafts. 

Confirmation and First Communion classes are held on an as needed basis. If your kids are ready to start taking communion, please let Pastor Alex know. Confirmation classes are held for our youth in/ around 7th and 8th grades.

We integrate learning into our worship, through our weekly children's times with the pastor. And our pastor has weekly story times during the summer for our elementary age kids.

Faith Formation for Adults

We believe in life-long learning. Wrestling with our faith is something we do our entire lives.  Education, bible study, and devotions are a part of many parts of our ministries (like WELCA). Our faith and our relationships with God are always forming. 

We have structured education opportunities for adults throughout the year, including our weekly Tuesday text studies at 2:30pm and the Adult Forum at 9am on Sunday mornings. 

As needed, we have special classes for adults, such as New Member classes and Adult Confirmation/ Faith Formation classes. 

We also encourage our adults to take advantage of our Synod level education opportunities, such as Power in the Spirit. More information 

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