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OSLC Spreadshirt Shop

We opened a Spreadshirt Shop. This allows us to create and purchase OSLC branded merchandise (i.e. t-shirts, sweatshirts, magnets, stickers, etc.). There is no cost to OSLC to have the Spreadshirt Shop, and we can create an unlimited number of designs. To be clear, this is not a fundraiser for OSLC. We do not receive any proceeds from the shirts. The cost of the items goes toward the production of the item and the hosting of the Spreadshirt Shop. I ordered and OSLC hoodie, and I LOVE it. Wearing OSLC gear in the community provides different opportunities for visibility; it connects the church with the red doors to your wonderful faces. If you have an idea for a design, let me (Pastor Alex) know, and we'll work together to make it happen!

The shop is embedded on our website (but the shop is EXTERNAL to us - payments and ordering goes through Spreadshirt). So you can find it on our website: OR by going directly to our Spreadshirt Shop Reach out to Pastor Alex with any questions!

Mobile App (Sort Of)

We host our website through WIX. It is where I make all of the changes to the website (and type up these posts! They offer a free mobile app (sort of) through their own mobile app, called Wix Spaces. I'm in a testing phase, and I don't know if I like it or if folks will be interested enough in it to make it worth it. At this point, it is a helpful place to have quick reference to events and to put quick announcements. Annnndddd upload your own photos from events! It will send push notifications with announcements and upcoming events to your device. If you'd like to download the app and play around with me, follow this link on your phone or tablet: It will download the Wix Spaces App and connect you with our Spaces page. You can add our OSLC spaces app to your home screen by hitting the three dots in the top right corner of the screen and clicking "Add to device home screen." An icon should pop up on your device.

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