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Holy Week 2022

April 10 - April 17, 2022

Pictures from our Palm Sunday services, April 10, 2022. Thank you to Irene Meyer and Michelle Priestley for the photos!


On Sunday, we gathered to begin Holy Week, our walk with Jesus to the cross. We are thrilled to include in-person gatherings to our Holy Week after two Holy Weeks of online worship. We give thanks for all the ways that together, as the body of Christ in this place, and as part of the wider Church, we walk this journey of faith.

As Christians, the center of our faith is not Christmas, but rather at the center of our faith stands Easter and the empty tomb. In fact, our gatherings on Sunday mornings are supposed to be little celebrations of Easter that we are invited to each and every week. Each Sunday is a celebration of the risen Christ - regardless of the season of our lives or our years. Only two Gospels (Matthew and Luke) spend any time talking about Jesus' birth. The four Gospels, however, devote 25-40% of their gospel around the Passion of Jesus and Jesus' resurrection. This week marks the heart of our faith.

My beloved siblings in Christ, this week, we proclaim that there is no place that God will refuse to go to speak a word of life to God’s people. We proclaim a God in Jesus willing to go to to the very darkest places of the world – even to the cross – for the sake of God’s people, for our sake. And God speaks that word in the places we need it the most. The places where we feel lost, we feel forsaken, when we are in our lowest of lows. It is why going to the cemetery every Easter morning is such an important ritual for me. It is here that God finds us, meets us, and speaks a word of new life. A word of reconciliation. A word of redemption. Because with God, the worst thing is never the last thing. The worst thing is never the last thing.

I hope you'll join us over the course of this Holy Week, this week that marks the center of our faith.

Our Holy Week Schedule

Maundy Thursday (April 14) - Bake & Eat (5:30pm), Service (7pm)

Good Friday (April 15) - The Way of the Cross Service (7pm) Easter Sunday (April 17) - Easter Sunrise (6:15am), Easter Traditional (10:30am)

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