COVID Updates
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Updated COVID Plan: Indoor In-Person Worship
as approved by Council on October 21, 2021

OSLC Family,

Church Council met on Thursday October 21 to again discuss the status of our worship services.  

We are pleased to share that as of Sunday November 14th, we will no longer split the congregation into an alternating Sunday schedule.  We will continue to worship from the Sanctuary.

What to expect:

  • Weekly online sign-ups will be requested.  You may also call the church officer to register for attendance each Sunday. 

    • This will assist ushers who will continue to seat with as much physical distancing as possible.

    • The online sign-up tool will display the number of attendees. This will help everyone decide on their comfort level with attending in person based on capacity

  • Safety measures will remain in place (masking, no singing indoors, individual communion cups)

    • Since we are easing the physical distancing guidelines, these safety measures will be even more important

  • We are committed to maintaining virtual options (Zoom Facebook, YouTube)

  • Everyone is welcome to join us in any and every way possible

  • Please remember if you are feeling unwell, rest, recover and join us online.


Below is a link to the sign-up for services.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to a member of council.

Peace & Blessings,

OSLC Council


Updated COVID Plan: Other Gatherings 
as approved by Council on May 27

It has been a long 14+ months for us all in dealing with the COVID pandemic.  Hopefully the success of the vaccine and the number of folks getting the vaccinations will help stem the spread of the virus.  To that point Governor Northam is lifting some restrictions related to COVID-19 virus effective May 28th.  


Given this encouraging progress Our Saviour’s Council has voted to re-open our facilities with some limited restrictions.  The Council approved the following:


  • Reopen our facility for limited indoor and outdoor use beginning the week of June 6.

  • Indoor use would be limited to groups no more than 25 and masks would be required to be worn, regardless of who was fully vaccinated.  Indoor use of the facility would be limited to the large room with the “stage” and social distancing would be required.

    • OSLC groups and committees may use the conference room, with a limit of 10 people. ​

  • Groups larger than 25 must meet outside with access to washroom facilities through the side entrance to the Hall.  Masks and social distancing would be required for outdoor use.

  • Regardless of group size, if your activity dictates removal of masks (i.e.: playing of musical instruments) outdoor use is required.

  • At the conclusion of an indoor meeting the participants would be expected to wipe down tables and chairs used for their meeting.

  • Use of the facility MUST be scheduled through the Hall Committee and our email is


We thank you for your patience as we continue to monitor the COVID pandemic and how we can safely return to some sense of normalcy.  This is our first step in a return to normalcy and we thank you for complying with our guidelines above.

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