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COVID Updates

Community Level

Our Saviour's is in James City County, Virginia. Our COVID measures will be based on the Community Levels in James City County. Please check below for the most updated levels in our area.

County Check
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Masking at OSLC

Our masking requirements/ recommendations are based on the most recent CDC community level, as indicated above. Changes are in effect for worship beginning March 6, 2022, and for other events beginning March 18, 2022, to allow time for communication and for creating signage. Please see below for more details regarding our phased requirements.

Green/ Low

Masks optional, based on personal preference. You are always welcome to mask, if you prefer.

Yellow/ Medium

Masks strongly encouraged, but not required. Masks required while singing.

Orange/ High

Masks required, except for light snacking. Worship leaders may unmask based on their preference.


Worship at OSLC

Updated COVID Plan:
Worship Adjustments at OSLC
as approved on April 10, 2022


Council met on March 20, 2022 and again discussed our COVID plans for worship. We approved a plan that will allow us to make adjustments to worship as the CDC defined community levels change. These are our own worship practices and policies (based on Virginia synod, ELCA, ecumenical resources, and our own best interpretations of the data available), using the CDC community levels as a guide for adjusting our policies. We hope to remain in the low range and that the medium and high adjustments will not be necessary, but this allows us to make adjustments "on the fly" as needed for worship. We will reassess the below plan each month as needed. 


Some of the changes will take time to return to. For instance, sung liturgy (provided we remain in the green community level), will not return to worship until Easter/ the Easter season because we have already planned worship services through that time. That being said, you can expect that in the low/ green community level, worship will begin to look like a typical worship service at OSLC. 

On April 10, Council met to discuss singing and masking. In the Green Zone, masks are fully optional during worship. If we move into the yellow zone, we ask that you wear a mask while singing.

Worship Adjustments Chart.png
Indoor Worship
Other Gatherings

Other Gatherings

Updated COVID Plan
Gathering and Facility Use Adjustments at OSLC 

As approved on March 20, 2022

Council met on March 20, 2022 and discussed again our plans for the use of the facilities at OSLC. We approved a plan that uses the newly implemented CDC levels to create a phased plan that will allow adjust our policies and procedures as the community levels change. To be clear, these are our policies regarding the use of facilities. We are using the CDC levels as a guide to when to shift our policies. The current community level can be found using the widget above.   

Committees and OSLC ministries can schedule their use of the facility through our Church Administrator, Shirley Harrison.  Her email is  Member special events (i.e. retirement parties, baby showers, etc.), non-member gatherings/ events, and outside organizations that wish to use our space should 1) fill out a Property Use Application and 2) be in contact with the Facilities committee. The Facilities Committee can be emailed at The Property Use Application and details on our facility use can be found on our facility use page: Facility Use.

Facilities Use Chart.png
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