Memorial Fund Policy


The purpose of the Memorial Fund is to provide individuals the opportunity to honor a loved one through designated or undesignated contributions that support the ministries at Our Saviour's Lutheran Church.

Gift or Memorial Suggestions

The following policy stipulates how the Memorial Fund is managed.


  1. All gifts are used in a manner that will enhance Our Saviour's worship or missions.
  2. Management of Fund
    1. All gifts are managed by the Memorial Committee, a committee of the Church Council.
    2. The Memorial Committee is comprised of the Chair of the Finance Committee, the Treasurer, the Council President, the Pastor, and up to two members member-at-large appointed by the Church Council, one of whom will be appointed as chair by the church council for one year with the opportunity to be re-appointed for a second term. At the end of the second year of service, a new chair will be appointed. Members-at-large are appointed for a three-year term with the opportunity to be reappointed for a second three-year term. At the conclusion of the second three-year term, new members-at-large will be appointed by the church council.
    3. Decisions on use and disbursement of memorial funds are recommended with a motion to the Church Council.
    4. The Memorial Committee, in consultation with the Our Saviour's Lutheran Church's committees , maintains a prioritized list of current and future memorials projects with cost estimates. The prioritized list of projects is submitted to the Church Council for approval in January whether or not any changes have been made to the list. The prioritized list of projects is published in the Annual Report.
  3. Dispensing of Gifts
    1. All memorial gifts are deposited in the Memorial Fund and maintained as a separate, single, interest- accruing account until its intended use.
    2. The Congregational Treasurer is responsible for administering the Memorial Fund; including signing checks, reporting receipts, expenditures, and balance of the Memorial Fund to the Church Council monthly and to the Congregation and Audit Committee annually.
    3. Undesignated gifts are used to fund one or more items on the prioritized list of memorial projects.
    4. Designated gifts are applied to one or more items on the prioritized list of memorial projects. If the donor desires to make a gift to a special project that is not on the prioritized list, the project is reviewed by the Memorial Committee. The Memorial Committee Chair submits a recommendation to the Church Council for review and approval.
    5. Persons wishing to donate memorials are provided the prioritized list of memorial projects. Requests for specific and designated use of gifts outside of the list are made to the Memorials Committee by those contributing the memorial gifts. Requests are considered by the Memorials Committee with a recommendation and motions to the Church Council on the memorial use request.
    6. If the gift amount falls short of the amount required to fund the project, the Memorial Committee contacts the donor to seek additional funding, or to recommend another item from the prioritized list, or secure additional funding from other sources or cancel the project.
    7. All Memorial donations are dispersed within 12 months of receipt. The Memorial Committee may purchase a specific item from the prioritized list of memorial projects, cover a budget expense, or deposit it in the Perpetual Fund of the Cemetery or in the Brafford Fund.
  4. Communication with the Family and Donors
    1. Initial communication with the family is through the pastor, who may discuss funeral arrangements, the Memorial Committee and the Memorial Fund.
    2. At an appropriate time after the funeral or memorial service, the pastor may pass the responsibility for communication to a member of the Memorial Committee, who contacts the family to ensure the funds are used according to the desires of the family and in the best interest of the Our Saviour's Lutheran Church.
    3. The Memorial Gift Form is presented, discussed and completed by the appropriate family member.
    4. A card is sent to the family of the person memorialized by the pastor or his or her designee informing them who made a contribution without the amount donated.
    5. An acknowledgement of a gift by donor in memory of someone is sent to the donor by the pastor with the amount contributed. If the donation exceeds $250, the acknowledgement must state that "no goods or services for the donation were exchanged."
  5. Recording Gifts
    1. Memorial gifts are recorded through the Tellers, and the appropriate information passed to the chair of the Memorial Fund Committee and the Pastor.
    2. All persons who contribute gifts, and the persons or events in whose memory or honor the gift(s) have been given, are recorded in Our Saviour's Lutheran Church's church management system.