Giving Simply to Our Saviour'sDonate

What is Simply Giving?

Church FamilySimply Giving® is a no-cost electronic funds transfer (EFT) program that Thrivent Financial for Lutherans offers to Lutheran congregations, educational institutions, social ministries, campus ministries and other Lutheran institutions. You can learn more about Thrivent at their website. If you click the donate button to the right, you will be taken to the Simply Giving page.

Simply Giving® benefits you and our congregation. You’ll enjoy extra peace of mind knowing that your commitment to good stewardship is activated into an ongoing, generous response.

For the congregation, Simply Giving® means steady, more reliable revenues throughout the year, which can help achieve our mission, development and financial goals more efficiently.

Through Simply Giving® your gift is withdrawn from your checking or savings account and deposited directly into the congregation’s bank account on the same day. It’s convenient, reliable, safe and confidential.

Why Simply Giving?

Out of town on Sunday? Other obligations keeping you from weekly worship? With Simply Giving® there’s no need to mail a check or dash to church with your offering envelope.

Electronic funds transfer gives you peace of mind that your stewardship commitment is taken care of and that the congregation receives predictable revenues.

Benefits to Our Saviour's with Simply Giving®:

- increased revenues through more consistent giving
- avoidance of “summer slump” through steady receipt of pledges
- more efficient and accurate bookkeeping
- savings on the cost of offering envelopes
- Our Saviour's mission and ministry are strengthened

Click on the button below to complete the secure online form. You decide the frequency of your automatic gift (weekly, semi-monthly or monthly) and you can increase or decrease your gift at any time.