Our Saviour's Strategic Goals

Strategic Goal 1: WORSHIP

Provide meaningful worship opportunities

Provide staff to support worship activities

Provide worship supplies that are based on Scripture and Lutheran traditions

Congregational singing is enhanced and led by a variety of music ensembles

Volunteers are trained semi-annually using OSLC published training guides

Contribute to the cultural enrichment of the community

Celebrate faith formation and expression with art

Strategic Goal 2: MUSIC and ARTS

Provide enhanced sound and lighting equipment for worship and fellowship

Provide an accessible mini bus for "gathering" (homebound, handicapped, seniors, etc.) and "sending" (to community events, Passion plays, workshops, museums, etc.)

Provide rheostat lighting in Parish Hall

Provide sound system in Parish Hall

Provide internet connectivity in Parish Hall


Provide opportunities to learn the content and message of the Bible

Provide opportunities to help people to better understand themselves and their relationship with others through the knowledge of God's Word

Provide a ministry to grow discipleship

Strategic Goal 4: OUTREACH

Reach out beyond our community to support global missions

Reach out beyond our doors to support national and state-wide communities

Reach out beyond our doors to support our local community

Strategic Goal 5: STEWARDSHIP

Provide opportunities to practice our stewardship with regard to property, organization, financial resources, natural resources, and personnel

Encourage cheerful giving

Educate our children and youth to be faithful stewards

Strategic Goal 6: EVANGELISM

Offer opportunities to deepen our knowledge of God's Word and strengthen our confidence in sharing God's Word with others

Practice Christian hospitality to guests